Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disney wedding invitations

This post is dedicated to wedding invitations. I have been looking through different designs and ideas. I know I really want to use something with a Disney theme, but not too much of a Disney theme. I want something subtle, something that is the right balance and not overly Disney. Although I am having a Disneyland wedding, I do not want my invitations to look like a kid's part invitation with all of Disney's characters on the front.

I like the elegance of this invitation. The castle isn't overly cartoony and I like the detailing on the card with texture and font.
Invites from

I am really loving this invitation. The border, the simple Minnie and Mickey ears and the "Happily Ever After" at the bottom all make this invitation a winner to me.

This Mickey and Minnie invite is cut, the Mickey border isn't too kid-ish. I would definitely change the colors to purple and magenta though.
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There are lots of fun options to choose from. I am just so glad that there is a variety of invitations that involve Disney and aren't too cheesy! I love all of the choices that I have found, now the hard part, picking just one that I want to use!