Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Disneyland Hotel Wedding, Real Disney Weddings

I posted a few photos from a wedding I had seen before, with a couple that used the Grand Ballroom at the Disneyland Hotel. I completely fell in love with this particular wedding because of how unique and pretty the wedding location looked. Today's post is all about looking into more of this beautiful wedding!

I am really liking the Disneyland Hotel hat as a photo backdrop

Pretty lighting for this picture

I have seen a few of these signs around the Disney resort hotels while weddings are in progess. I can not wait to see these signs at my own wedding!

I wonder if Disney can add purple and pink bands to the napkins for my wedding?

Cute couple

Such a pretty wedding! I really credit these photos for giving me inspiration for my own future Disneyland wedding. All photos were found on www.disneyweddingblog.com

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grand Californian Hotel Wedding, Real Disneyland Wedding

I came across this beautiful Grand Californian Hotel wedding on ProjectWedding.com. The couple chose to hold their reception in one of the ballrooms at the Grand Californian. I love their wedding colors since they are similar to what I want to do for my own wedding.  Pretty photos, enjoy!

The couple took photos around Downtown Disney. Pretty lighting here, gives me ideas about photos for my own wedding

Beautiful decor in the Grand Californian Ballroom

The centerpieces are so pretty!

The cake is amazing, I love the candles that are surrounding the bottom

Photos from www.projectwedding.com

Hope you liked the post. I hope to share more real Disneyland wedding photos as I come across them on the web. Until then, it is back to dreaming up my own Disneyland wedding!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Disney Grand Californian Hotel Wedding, Disneyland Weddings

I just posted about the Grand Californian Hotel and here are some pretty photos examples of an elegant wedding reception set-up within the ballroom. 

I am in love with how beautiful the decor is for this reception. 

The candles, orchids and cake are stunning.

Photos from www.BleuCotton.com

Disney Grand Californian Hotel Wedding, Ballroom Reception

The Grand Californian Hotel is located in the Disneyland Resort. This is the only hotel on property that is semi-located within a park. A whole side of the hotel is attached to the Disney California Adventure Park. In fact many rooms of the hotel have a spectacular view of the park and some very lucky rooms have views facing the new World of Color show and the colorful Paradise Pier part of the park.

As much as I love the Disneyland Hotel because of its history and overall magical theme, the Grand Californian Hotel gives off a whole new level of elegance and whimsy, all on its own. The hotel is decorated in deep greens, browns and has a rustic, outdoorsy feel to the hotel. It is the perfect setting for a wedding that wants less "fantasy" and more elegance.

Entrance to the Grand Californian Hotel

The entrance to the hotel

The massive lobby of the hotel immediately gives off a different impression than the Disneyland Hotel. It is far more grand and has less Disney emphasis on its decor.

Such a beautiful lobby

Wedding aspect wise, this hotel is perfect for couples that are looking for a feel that is not overly Disney. I love how the Grand Californian ballrooms can be easily transformed into a beautiful reception space. 
Grand Californian Ballroom set-up. Definitely a different feel than the Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom.

With simple decor, the ballroom transforms into an elegant space.

Overall, the Grand Californian ballroom venue is a nice alternative for couples seeking a more refined Disney location. The ballrooms at the Grand Californian have neutral color palates that aren't too bold and can carry many different types of wedding decor theming.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disney wedding invitations

This post is dedicated to wedding invitations. I have been looking through different designs and ideas. I know I really want to use something with a Disney theme, but not too much of a Disney theme. I want something subtle, something that is the right balance and not overly Disney. Although I am having a Disneyland wedding, I do not want my invitations to look like a kid's part invitation with all of Disney's characters on the front.

I like the elegance of this invitation. The castle isn't overly cartoony and I like the detailing on the card with texture and font.
Invites from www.thepartyblock.com

I am really loving this invitation. The border, the simple Minnie and Mickey ears and the "Happily Ever After" at the bottom all make this invitation a winner to me.

This Mickey and Minnie invite is cut, the Mickey border isn't too kid-ish. I would definitely change the colors to purple and magenta though.
Invites from www.impressions.com

There are lots of fun options to choose from. I am just so glad that there is a variety of invitations that involve Disney and aren't too cheesy! I love all of the choices that I have found, now the hard part, picking just one that I want to use!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Disneyland Weddings, Dream color palette

I am in love with bright color palettes! I have been thinking about colors for a few days now and I think I have narrowed down my choices to some vibrant color combinations.

Magenta and Purple. I love these two colors together, especially for a Disney wedding. There is something that screams "princess" but also has a touch of classiness to it all. Plus, I am sure there are plenty of pretty floral that we can use within these shades to complete a nice look to our big day.

Photo from Onewed.com

How pretty is this lantern decor? I like how easily the purples and pinks can be combined together. One of the many reasons why I think pink and purple will end up being my colors of choice.

photo from DesignsbyShay

How fun are these pink and purple Mickey Mouse cut outs? Perfect for some wedding crafts or tags.

Photo by Etsy

As you can see, there are plenty of fun ways to incorporate pink and purple into any wedding. I am hoping that I will be able to use these colors in my future Disneyland wedding in lots of creative ways, from flowers, to stationary to decorations. I can not wait to see how it al turns out!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Pavilion, Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel houses various different venues for both wedding ceremonies and receptions. One of the most popular locations at the hotel is the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion. It is easy to see why many brides choose this ballroom, it's beautiful! There are large open windows that go around the room, a fancy chandelier in the center of the room and the circular shape of the venue adds a sense of intimacy and coziness to any reception set-up. 

The Sleeping Beauty Pavilion back during renovations. Disney had frosted the windows to prevent guests from viewing the pool construction outside. The windows are now clear and look out onto the Disneyland Hotel pool. 

I also like how the decor shows the "swag" fabric around the room. I know this is an extra add on, but it does add some extra "style" to the room. I also really like the lanterns in the center of the room, creative.

Two set-ups of night receptions. I love the twinkle lights added into the drapery. It adds a nice light to the room making it very romantic.

As pretty as the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion is at the Disneyland Hotel, my heart is still set on the Grand Ballroom at the Disneyland Hotel. The Pavilion venue is great for a smaller wedding and when going for a "cozy" atmosphere.