Monday, January 16, 2012

Disneyland Weddings, Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom

The Disneyland Hotel seems to be the hub of a lot of Disney Fairytale weddings. One spot that seems to really have a dazzle factor is the Grand Ballroom at the hotel. It is a very large and elegant location and does not seem to need a lot of extras to make it look great.

Disneyland Hotel's Grand Ballrom sure does have an elegant feel to the space. 
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Another view of a Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom set up.
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How magical would it be to get this Sleeping Beauty castle backdrop in the ballroom? 
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I stumbled on this beautiful Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom reception on a Disney Weddings website. I loved how fun and sophisticated their wedding looked.

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The colors of yellows give the room a great pop. 

A wedding cake with Mickey Mouse? How cool! I also love the lighting of the room in this picture.

How pretty is the ballroom's chandelier? It is stunning, a picture perfect backdrop for any reception

The Grand Ballroom is now on the short list of possible future Disney wedding locations. I think the Disneyland hotel has such a great variety of areas to choose from, all with their own look and feel to them. The hotel is definitely a great choice for any Disney bride.