Sunday, January 15, 2012

About this Disneyland bride

I have spent a good part of today brainstorming about Disneyland weddings and ideas. I found lots of fun photos and information that I am sure I will be posting about on here later on.

For starters I thought I would share a little about myself and why I started this blog. I am usually a very private person and have never been into social networking or getting involved on online forums, but the blog world has always been an exception. I like the idea of having my own little space online to write and share ideas, especially wedding ideas. I feel like this blog is like my little wedding palette to explore new ideas and share great finds. This is kind of like my own thinking bubble, but with Disneyland weddings.

So who exactly is behind Disneyland Wedding Dreams? My name is Cyn and I am 24 years old and engaged to a wonderful man. My fiance asked for me to keep most of our personal details private, like photos and such, as he hates being found on the "web. Anyway, back to our story, I met my fiance back in college when he sat in front of me in class. I had dropped a pen that rolled down to his chair, he turned around to hand it back to me, let's just say the rest is history. Not very exciting, but it definitely led to something great.

We have been together for 5 years and he popped the question this past Christmas season. I have always wanted a Disneyland proposal in front of the castle but it did not happen that way. We planned to go to the parks the day after Christmas but I caught something and ended up being terribly sick. I was so sad we couldn't go to the parks, so my fiance tried to cheer me up and hosted a Disney movie day filled with my favorite animated films. During the last movie, my favorite, Beauty and the Beast, my fiance brought over a tray of soup, crackers and a cup of OJ and when we placed down the tray there was a ringbox next to the soup! He went through how he was going to do pop the question if we went to the parks, in front of the castle like I always dreamed. He had to go with plan B since I got sick, but I couldn't be happier at how it all happened.
Sleeping Beauty castle proposal? More like a stay at home sick day proposal.

It has been a full on wedding planning mode for the both of us since the proposal. I have always dreamed of getting married at Disneyland, which little girl hasn't? Disney has always been a huge part of my life and my fiance knows how happy it makes me so it was easy to figure out that we wanted a Disneyland wedding. Now I am here today with the Disneyland Wedding Dreams blog to do just that, dream up my fairy tale wedding.