Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disneyland Castle Wedding

I am just in the very early stages of wedding planning and of course like every bride, I'm searching the web for inspiration.I have always loved Disneyland, I grew up literally going to the parks every weekend with my family. Naturally when picking a wedding location Disneyland is the first place that came to mind.

My ultimate dream would be to get married in Disneyland, not a hotel wedding but centered right in the middle of the park at the Sleeping Beauty castle. How cool would that be? Unfortunately through my searches it looks like this option is way way way too expensive for us at a minimum of $100,000 plus for the basic package. I can think of a million different things I could do with $100,000 besides having a castle wedding, as cool as that would be, it is just not practical. Kudos to those that can afford such a feat. I guess I'll be left dreaming of one, maybe if I win the CA lotto.

It is fun to look at castle wedding photos and dream of what could be. Here are some that I came across on google:

A dream for so many, only to be accomplished by so few. I guess that is why it is called an ultimate dream wedding.

Over the top Disneyland wedding.

I take no credit for these photos, they were all found on a google search for Disneyland castle wedding.